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Michelle Held Florista Designs Auburn

Nothing brings me greater joy than using my abilities and talent to create eye-catching and personalized floral displays. I have always loved flowers and the feeling of creating, from building the structure of the design to brainstorming "out of the box" ideas and watching them come to life.

In 2020 I started Florista Design to fulfill my passion in and since then we have been providing quality floral design for weddings and events. Our team of highly-skilled designers combine their fun spirit and "spunky elegance" with the client's vision to create the perfect design. We are hands-on from the initial email contact to consultation and through every step of the process. We believe in building relationships and creating beautiful displays to fit every need, every budget, and every vision.


-Michelle Held, Owner and Head Floral Designer

Angie Brown Florista Designs Auburn
Steven Sherrer Florista Designs Auburn
Connie Pope Florista Designs Auburn
Karen Hughes Florista Designs Auburn

Angie Brown

Floral Designer

Steven Sherrer

Floral Designer

Connie Pope

Design Assistant

Karen Hughes

Design Assistant


More than 30 events and 43 weddings

Over 3,000 bouquets arranged 

#1  most requested flower:

Roses (over 13,000 used)




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